Keep an Eagle eye on monitored person with Live Connect!!

You can Live Connect with monitored device using Teenheed Logs Panel. Live Connect is an Ad-On feature.

If you are looking for stand alone Live Connect Features, kindly visit Live Device Panel.

To execute Live Connect commands you need to connect with device in real time so the Live Connect feature needs the monitored device to have Internet connection that time, in case monitored device is not having Internet connection you may not be able to connect with monitored device.

Once you connected with device you can execute number of Live Connect commands and can have instant updates of same.

You can execute following Live Connect commands

  • As soon as you connect with device, you can view latest device info
  • Have snapshot of Device Front and Rear Camera
  • Record Surroundings and listen
  • Get Current Live GPS location
  • Capture device screenshots on Rooted Android devices
  • Make Siren sound, this is an recovery option for example to locate device/person in crowd
  • Have Recovery Callback, monitored device will auto callback to provided number

Live Connect with Teenheed Logs Panel

You can login to Teenheed Logs Panel and connect to device using Live Connect, in Live Connect section you can also view history of Live Connect sessions and their respective logs.

Capture camera front and rear images in stealth

Requesting Camera snapshot

Monitor device screen by capturing it using Live Connect

Capturing Device screen